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NYSAHU Provided Testimony at the

New York State/Assembly Standing Health Committies Joint Public Hearing


Click below to View Jamie Shutzer, NYSAHU Legislative Chair (use the index to find his comments) 

NYSAHU Testimony at the NYS Health Act Public Hearing



GCNYAHU Representing our Members and clients in Legislative Meetings at

NAHU Capitol Conference 

Washington D.C. - Tuesday 2/26/2019

We are proud to report that our Upstate New York team had excelent discussions with all 7 Upstate New York Congressional Offices.

Our productive discussions reviewed Economic issues with the Medicare for All debate, Suprise Billing, Credible Coverage for COBRA for Medicare Enrollees,  Repealment of the Cadillac and HIT taxes, counting Observation Bed days for Medicare Patients, amongst other issues.

It was clear during our meetings, NAHU is counted on as a health insurance resource by our representatives on the Hill in Washington DC! 


A Special Message from GCNYAHU President  Jeannie Comins

Greater Central New York Association of Health Underwriters is committed to help all New Yorkers find access to reasonably priced health insurance through many resources that currently cover 95% of our citizens.  We are here as professionals to guide the 5% whom are uninsured into the current system.   

In recent years the NYS Health Act has gained traction passing in the NY State Assembly on several occasions.   Currently the Act is one NY Senate seat away from being a passed bill, and then being sent to our current State Executive Andrew Cuomo's desk, where it may become law.

GCNYAHU does not support The NYS Health Act, which would eliminate all health insurance in NY State and set up a govenment system to pay bills.  We do not feel that destroying  a market that provides 95% of all NY coverage today and staring from scratch is best.  GCNYAHU strongly discourages moving exclusively to a single government run health care bureracracy as the best responsible solution.  No one can predict with accuracy just how deteremental this can be to wait times and the quality of care in NY, but this action will drastically jeopardize our current health system.  And at what cost?   The NYS Health Act will more than double the state budget, and cause the highest state tax increase in the history of the United States.   

Instead, GCNYAHU advocates a fiscally responsible approach to improving on the current system, focusing our government resources on programs endeavoring to find and cover the 5% of uninsured NY Citizens whom always will be able to count on the experienced ,skilled, and professional assistance of our members to help find and place coverage.

GCNYAHU professionals are here and ready to help our citizens find affordable access to health coverage!

GCNYAHU is proud to be a charter member of the Realities of Single Payer Health Care Coalition

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